Redbourne Technology

At Redbourne, we recognize that Range Rovers are unique vehicles that require wheels of high load carrying capacity, able to withstand extreme vehicle demands. Ergo, we’ve engineered Redbourne Land Rover rims and Ranger Rover rims to meet or exceed all that is required of them. That includes abundant load ratings of over 4600 lbs per axle.

All Redbourne wheels are engineered for an entirely proper fit right out of the box. Precise wheel offsets assure that even significantly upsized tire and wheel combinations will fit safely within the wheel well. The center bore of each wheek is drilled to tightly hug the vehicle hub without supplemental adapter rings, ensuring that the wheel is concentric with the wheel bearings for a truer, better balanced wheel/tire assembly and a smoother ride. They are compatible with the Land Rover tire pressure monitoring system and accept the manufacturer’s logo center cap and OE bolts.